HaPpY 10th BiRtHdAy KaiLi GiRl!!!

I can't believe you're 10 yrs old already sweetheart. I wanted to take a minute to write my 10 most favorite things about you on your special day.
10. You are an amazing artist and story writer.
9. You are so super smart and are always finding ways to learn new things and challenge yourself.
8. You have such a unique and cute style that is truly your own.
7. You have such a cute sense of humor, you can always make me laugh.
6. You are such a good example to others and especially your sister.
5. You have such a contagious laugh.
4. You are always thinking of others and what you can do to make them happy.
3. You have such a huge heart.
2. You are more than I could have hoped for in a daughter.
1. You make me want to be a better mom because with all your amazing qualities, skills, and kindheartedness, you deserve the best!
We love you so much cutie pie!!!

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James, Marty and Ryker said...

Happy Birthday Kaili! You're such a sweet girl!