Steelers vs. Broncos Game

Before the game started (my face still pretty swollen from my
wisdom teeth surgery a week before, UGGH!)

Us and Macey and Jason

WE WON!!!!!

So I'm a little late putting this on but, the Swine flu decided to enter our home and we've been down and sick for a couple weeks. Jason and I went with our friends, Macey and Jason, to Denver for the Steelers game. I didn't know I'd like it so much but it was a blast. We stayed in an amazing hotel right next to 16th street. (outside HUGE walking mall and restaurants) It was an exciting game and the Steelers won. The stadium only had Steeler fans when there was still 8 minutes left. (real supportive "Broncos" fans) Haha! I would definitely go to an NFL game in the future. Fun! Fun!

My Little Girls 9!

Kaili turned 9. I can't believe it! She had a Halloween birthday a couple days before her real birthday. She had all her good friends there. We played games, made candy apples, and spooky spiders. Kaili made her own birthday cake, a ghost. On her real birthday we had a family funeral (Jasons Grandpa passed away). We spent the day with his family. It was a beautiful service, just how he would have liked it. Then we decided to invite family for a fun night at Boondocks. She had so much fun playing laser tag, arcade games, and go karts. Thanks to everyone who came and made her night!
Kaili girl,
I can't believe how fast time has gone. You are growing up to be such a sweet young lady. Daddy and I are so proud of you and how hard you work. You are doing so well in school and are such a big help at home. Your little sister looks up to you so much and we know why. You definitely know what you want in life and we have no doubt you will work your hardest to make sure you succeed for what that is. I hope your day was special for you. We love you more and more everyday!
Mom & Dad