Seeing what the Easter Bunny brought them

Kaili made this for me and Jason for Easter. It was her first time sewing. Thanks Granny for spending the time to teach her. We love it Kaili girl!

One of the hunts we went to
The kids made us dinner on Easter Eve

My lil' cutie pies!

So we had a quiet Easter this year. The girls have been pretty sick with strep a few times in a row and fevers non stop, but they were happy to try on their new dresses and let me take their pics. Jason had signed up for a shift a couple weeks prior (not realizing it was Easter) and had to work all day. Luckily he was able to be home in the morning to watch them look for their eggs and find their Easter baskets. I made breakfast then we played nail salon for a while before we met Jason for lunch. By that time the girls were pretty tired from not feeling well and we hung out at home playing beauty parlor and watching their new movies. They looked so pretty in their dresses even not feeling very well. I hope everyone had a great Easter!


Korey and Brandi said...

Britt your girls are so beautiful!!

Carson said...

Looks like you had a great Easter weekend, Im sorry the girls were sick I hope all is well now. Your girls are so beautiful!!!

Andrea Low said...

Britt, Your girls are Gorgeous! I LOVE how you dress them alike! Hope you guys stay healthy for a while!

Mommy and Daddy = Me said...

Your girls are so cute!!