Miley Cyrus Concert!

Limo all decorated!
Sasha before she found out her BIG surprise!
Kaili also before she knew
As they found out where they were going for the night.
Miss Miley herself!

They're so excited!
All the cute girlies! Sasha,Karli, Ku'uipo, Kaili, & Jerzie.
Apparently this was soooo cool to do with all their energy.
Me and my little cuties! (Sasha would not keep her eyes open)

So, this took me a while to post on here but, here's the story......I told the girls their costumes had just come in the mail and they needed to try them on just to make sure they fit. So they did, then their little friend (who was going with us) was trying hers on too and they wanted to show each other. I took some before pics and told them to go out the front door to get in the car that Daddy was already outside waiting in. They went out and saw the Limo and Daddy waiting. They weren't quite sure what to think and what was going on but they ran and got in the Limo anyway. I asked them if they could guess where they were going and Kaili did. We picked up the rest of the gang and went to dinner all while listening to Miley's music the entire time. It was so much fun and a great Girls Night Out! I love seeing them so happy!