Mama Belva...this is for you!

So, I've been a huge slacker. So in one post I will very quickly update you on our last few months.
-We had and enjoyed Christmas and all the festivities that come along with it.
-We took our yearly trip downtown to see the lights and have dinner.
-Kaili had her first Violin concert. Bravo Sweetie!!
-My mom, Stacie and I had our yearly Christmas shopping, lunch, shopping, dinner, and shopping all about us. I love it I feel like a teenager again with mom spoiling me!
-Jason and I went to the Annual Formal SWAT Christmas party and he felt he needed to dress as Dumb & Dumber, him obviously in the orange, and a good friend he talked into wearing blue. It was hilarious! My husband sure does know how to turn some eyes!
-January (the ugliest month ever!!!!!) was pretty mellow but we did get some good ol' sleddin in there. SO FUN!
-I went from being blond for the last 10 ish years to my natural color, brunette. Like it some days, miss the blond some days.
-The kids went to Disneyland with my parents in February. Thank you Mom & Dad!!!
-And last, I finally turned the big 30 on February 28th. Jason made sure I celebrated in style in Vegas with our besties!!!!!! Thanks Babe! *)
Ahhhh! So there you have it Mama Belva (aka my mom) my blog is officially updated!

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Carson said...

I love your hair! I am glad all is well....I ran into your sister a few weeks at the Olive Garden and saw your sweet girls. They are so cute and getting so big!!!