Kaili's Baptism Day!

My Kaili girl got baptized and we are so proud of her and her decision. She was lucky enough to be baptized and confirmed by her two grandfathers. It was such a special day and she has been really excited about it. We had to put it off a bit due to my moms recent back surgery and my own surgery. But, we finally made it happen. She looked so beautiful and so grown up. Kaili is always so helpful to others and is such a good example. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She was so happy that so many of you came and showed your support for her.
Also, I had a birthday and celebrated it on the couch, with family around. Sasha was so funny giving me tonz of birthday kisses. Kaili was so cute, she made me a party hat (in the pic). Thanks Kaili girl. I would also like to thank my mom for the "creative cake" (it had a little accident and we can't help but to tease her). We all had a good laugh! Thanks to all!