More Lake Powell " That hurt my Butt!"

This is video of Jason jumping off a huge cliff. (according to our calculations it is somewhere between 75 and 90 feet tall) CRAZY!! If you listen you can hear he hits butt first which is not what you want to do. He's still payin for it with a black and blue bruise on his rear. WOW!!!

Kaili is so cute and tough. This one was not quite 20 feet. What a big cliff for my little girl. I can't believe she did it with really no hesitation. She definitely gets that from her dad. She was so cute when she comes out of the water she giggles and is ready for more. Great job Kaili girl!! We Love you!

"Playin Catch Up" (lake powell & Sasha's graduation)

Look closely Jason's riding someones back
Silly boys and their trains
Starting the hike
Our whole clan
Us at Rainbow Bridge
The only pic of Jay not making a crazy face
Roastin' marshmallows
All my cuties
Sasha telling us all to "Rock On"
My girlies riding on the front of the boat. (so cool)

Sasha and Mama
My brave little Kaili girl
The famous Dangling Rope ice cream
They're sooo cute!

All the tough guys BBQ 'in (Jason, Jason, Jason & Jerry)
Me, Stacie and Macey

Me and Stacie
The "Daddy" frog
Sasha, Daddy, and Kaili Gettin' their tube on!

Jay showin off some cleavage
Me and Sasha Bear
Me and Kaili girl (she got me with the bunny ears)

We had so much fun in Lake Powell. I will try to give a quick overview of all the fun.

Swimming, frog hunting, tubing, water skiing, fishing, hiking, exploring, card games, spoons

cooking, smores, cliff jumping, high wind drama, rain, water slide trains, sun tanning,

cuts, bruises, eardrum popping, sleeping, eating, relaxing and a lot of bonding in all ways.

The girlies had a great time and I'm so glad we could make these fun memories with them.

Sasha and some Kindergarten classmates
Cute little Sasha and her Diploma
Sasha and Ms. Z

I am so proud of Sasha. She has learned so much this year. Her math skills are amazing and she is reading incredibly well. She got straight A's this last quarter and her teacher was super impressed with her progress. She also made a lot of friends and isn't so shy anymore. We are so thankful to have her sweet spirit in our lives. Congrats Sasha Bear! We love you so much!

Rock n' Roll Marathon

Gettin their goodies
Right after he finished
Us and the artist
Mile 5 ish
The finish line
He did it!!!

Jason ran the San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon this last weekend. He did such an awesome job. I am so proud of him. This is one of the things he told me he had on his bucket list even before we got married. I can't imagine running 26.2 miles. His time was just over 5 hrs. (that's because they start them in different groups but start the clock on the first group)
I never met anyone like him, he can set any goal (no matter how hard) and stick to it until it's complete. He's such a great example. He actually had an injury about 4 weeks ago and that would've been an easy way out, but not him, it just made him work harder. I love him so much and he makes me want to work harder on my goals.
CONGRATS BABE!!! Love you!