First Day of School

So the girls first day of school was on Monday and it was bitter sweet for me. Kaili started 3rd grade and Sasha started 1st. Although it's nice to have some time for myself it's also so weird to not have a little one home in the day to take care of. They were both really excited to start. Kaili was up early and ready to go. Sasha, on the other hand, said "I'm tired and don't want to wake up". She's just not a morning person as I have mentioned before. They had a great first day. They also made these cute cupcake bouquets all by themselves for their new teachers. They're getting so big. I can't believe how time flies!

Sasha's 6th Birthday !!!

Sasha had such a fun birthday. This year she planned the whole thing herself. My mom (Nana) took all her ideas and ran with 'em. It was a Bedtime Stories theme with water games and a pinata. Activities included, making their own bedtime stories, slip 'n slide, water balloon fight, dizzle drizzle drench, cake, and presents. She had so much fun! Thanks Nana! She also had a bed for a cake made by her Nana, it was the cutest cake I've ever seen.
Then on her real birthday Jason got up early and made her a cute breakfast in bed. She wasn't too thrilled though. (she takes after her mama, not a morning person) She said "I'm tired, take it back downstairs and I will come down when I wake up." My sweet lil' grump!
After that we spent the day swimming (Sasha's wishes). Then later we went to ice cream with all the family.
It's hard to believe my baby will be starting 1st grade. We love you so much Sasha Bear and enjoy the sweetness you bring into our family. Happy Birthday cutie pie!