Disney World!

We are in Florida still, but I thought I'd share some pics of Disney World. We celebrated Halloween there. It was awesome and it was totally worth the extra money. We thought we'd get the girlies faces painted to match their costumes, however, Sasha didn't want to because she thought it would not come off. So check out her onry face. I will post more of our trip later. Enjoy!!!


We spent the day at Lagoon Frightmares. It was such perfect weather, not hot or cold, just jacket weather. The kids had a blast as always. It was just a warm up for our Halloween trip to Florida. Happy Halloween to all!!!

Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

Just want to send out a little congrats to my sister and her hubby. They both just had their bithdays and got a little "miracle". They are pregnant with their 5th baby. Yes 5th, cinco, # 5, 1 2 3 4 5, all fingers on one hand 5. I can't imagine being prego 5 times. The baby is due in June, but as we all know our babies don't like to stay inside for long. We are planning an April delivery. I am excited to have another baby in the family that I can play with when I want, then send it home so I can go to sleep like a normal person. (who am I kidding I've never slept like normal, I'm a mom.) Well if you want you can check out her blog from mine (Kevin & Stacie).
Congrats!! We love you guys!!!