Finally...... Christmas Pics!

Christmas Light Update!

I thought I'd update you about my christmas light situation since I had so many people ask. I searched a ton of stores at their after christmas sales and had no luck until a couple days ago. Yep, that's right I found them. They were all gone at your regular stores (Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Lowes, etc.) I found them at a craft store of all places. I bought more than double of what I actually needed and I got them 80% off. Awesome!!!! I am so excited as you all know if you read my "Hum Bugs Suck" post. And I guess it pays to be patient. Thanks for all you comments and thanks for letting me vent to y'all.

Coming Soon!

So I usually try to post regularly but, we have been crazy busy. Also, it doesn't help that almost all my holiday pics are on my brothers computer because my memory stick was full and I needed to take more pics immediately. So I promise I will soon be boring y'all with my events of the last couple weeks and I'll have plenty of pics. But for now here is one of us on Christmas day at my Mom & Dads house.