Charity Ride!

We went on a charity ride this weekend. It was for an officer that had been shot a couple of months ago. A lot of people came to show their support. We had a lot of fun. We went with some friends and Jason's brother. The canyon was beautiful as always for this time of year. I just listened to my i Pod and danced like a dork as we cruised on through. Afterwards we had to take the kids to do something since they couldn't go, so we took them to Lagoon for the rest of the day with Jason's family. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Fall ball begins.

The girlies had their first game of the fall season. Just wanted to share photos of how cute they are. Be sure to check out the video's too.

Kaili's got skills!

This is Kaili's second year of softball and she loves it. She gets so excited for her games and she reminds me of her softball schedule. Today she got two hits and got three people out. She did such and awesome job. This is just a video of one of her hits. If you notice Sasha had just hit and is on first base. ( I know the shirt might be a little big but, she wouldn't let me tie it up.)

Cutest video ever!

This was Sasha's first softball game and she did so good. She hit the ball twice and was very helpful in the feild. But, she also did a lot of dancing, winking, twirling, and high kicks. This video is just a taste of what the whole game was like. I am so happy she liked it. At her first practice she said she never wanted to play again because she got hit in the ear with the ball, so to watch her be so happy was great!

School Days!

Oh life's rough!

Cutie Pies!

First Day of School!

So today my girlies started school. Kaili is older and wiser now being in 2nd grade and Sasha is as nervous as can be going to Kindergarten. Kaili loved it and is super excited to be back in school. I wish I could be like her and make friends so easy. Sasha on the other hand, didn't love it. She started off ok (probably because her cousin is in her class) but, later said she just wanted to go home ( look at her cute grumpy pics). I am so proud of them . They look so stinkin cute in their uniforms. I love them so much!