"My Sweet New Niece"

Her name is Ka'Lya ShirRay and she's my newest niece. She may be 7 weeks early but she's doing great. Weighing in at 4 lbs exactly and 16 1/2" long. She has TONS of dark hair and totally looks like her siblings. We are amazed she stayed in this long, we planned on her being born weeks ago. She was born at 5:30 PM and I got there at 5:27 PM. I almost missed it. She is so tiny and cute! Me and the girls can't wait to enjoy her.

Happy Easter!

Working hard to make the eggs beautiful.

Kaili's note to the Easter Bunny. " Dear easter bunny I

always wanted your signature can you pleases sign it."

Finished product

The car ride to the next egg hunt

Easter Day all dressed up

Cute Kaili girl
Sweet Sasha
Egg hunt at their grandparents
Sasha filling her basketKaili's basket is full
We had a great Easter weekend. The girls got some great things from the Easter Bunny including, a new Wii game, swim suits, dresses, outfits, melting beads, and life jackets for our trip to Lake Powell. We were so glad the weather held out for the egg hunts and today turned out to be a beautiful day. I hope everyone had a happy Easter.

Jason's half Marathon

Jason did the half marathon this past weekend. He did a great as always. It's just a practice for the marathon in San Diego in May. He set up a group of cop friends to do the marathon with him a few months ago and he also set up a training schedule that they help each other follow . He's always been active and sets really high goals for himself, I think that's what attracted me to him. I'm so proud of him and all his goals he always reaches. He's such a good example to the girls.
Here's some pics. (he's wearing the red shirt)