OCD and Surgery Just Don't Mix!

So I know I've been a slacker on my blog but I think I have good reason. Let me begin, So along with all my regular surgeries I have every 6 months, we thought we'd mix things up and throw in another. Why not? What's another surgery, right? J/K Actually this ankle has been a bugger of mine for quite some time. It has taken quite the beating in it's life of being a gymnast, cheerleader, and family BBQ volleyball player. Yep that last one is what did it 5 years ago, volleyball. I was playing at my parents for a family BBQ, I jumped ever so high to do a "professional spike" then landed to hear a POP that echoed in my ears. So the trip to the ER told us it was not a broken bone, but very stretched out ligaments and tendons that made that loud POP. I went on my way and tried to heal. It never felt normal again, aching and randomly popping in and out of socket. Over the last 6 months it got progressively worse. I couldn't even wear heels anymore. And all you women know how sad that is for us. It would pop out of socket every couple days, then once a day, then 5 times a day, then 10 times...... So I finally decided to see a ortho surgeon like my hubby suggested. And the results........ Surgery ASAP, my ankle has a good sized hole where bone and cartilage should be from falling in and out of place daily. The tendons and ligaments need a total reconstruction and a possible transplant from my hamstring. WHATT????!!
So I was a bit freaked out. No driving for 6 weeks, a hard cast for 6 weeks, and let go of control in quite a few different areas for 6 weeks.
But I'm alive and venting. I've had some great help and visitors. And that's what will get me through the next 5 weeks 2 days. My 73 year old grandma came over today, watched the kids and made us dinner. She's so sweet and always willing to help! Thank you Grammy, I love you! Thanks to everyone that has been trying to keep me sane, it means a lot

I want to tell my hubby how grateful I am for him. He is so patient to put up with me and my OCD. He has really been keeping up with the house, the kids, laundry, dinner and so on. I know I have A LOT of things I like done my way and he's done so good trying to get it done "that" way for me . He's always seeing what I feel like eating or what movie he can rent for me, or if I need to go on a quick drive just so I won't go crazy. He's so good to me and the girls and I am so lucky. I love you so much sweetheart! Thank you for all you do!

Every Girl Needs a Girls Night! (free earrings)

I just wanted to let all the ladies know I own my own company called "Bead it Up" that is all about girls nights. For those who don't remember it is a custom made jewelry business that is very affordable for all budgets. It cost nothing to host a party, in fact you get free jewelry when you do. I have thousands of beads to choose from and you can make all kinds of things designed by you. Just to list a few......necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, binki holders, anklets, key chains, badge holders, and more. The best part is you make it at the party and take it home that night, no waiting for your order to come in. I have great gift ideas for baby showers, birthdays, graduation, and so on. I also have plenty of items that are already made or you can order items if you feel your creative juices are not flowing that night. Invitations provided. In this economy we all are trying to save and with these great prices you won't have to go without.
Here is a list of average pricing for some items
Bracelets $6-$10
Necklaces $8-$12
Binki holders $9-$14
Baby bracelets $3-$6

*Right now I am offering, along with the other jewelry that you earn, a free pair of earrings just for hosting a party.

If you would like to host your own party please leave a comment or call me and we will be in touch very soon.